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About Us...


Over the course of its six-year history, a S.O.U.L. Trained Inc. has contributed to the Greater Charlotte area as a 501© 3 nonprofit organization. Driven by a passion for witnessing growth and development in individuals and families, a S.O.U.L. Trained has been ……

Led by our founder, Amere May Sr, who understands misfortunes as well as success, desires to provide educational advancement, strengthen local families, and develop impactful opportunities as well as create an environment that will be an invaluable resource to people, aspiring mentors, and the community at large.

A S.O.U.L Trained offers diverse programs and services for youth, men, families, and the broader community in the Greater Charlotte Area.

Offering a diverse range of programs and services for youth, men, families, and the broader community is a comprehensive way to address various needs and foster holistic growth. The programs are as follows:

a S.O.U.L Trained advocates on local, state, and national levels for human rights, social justice, economic change as well as equal rights.

Mission & Vision


  • Our mission is to establish positive benchmarks for youth through the provision of the Community Development Center. We offer educational programs and mentorship that cultivate resilient leaders, empowering them to become productive contributors to society.



  • Our vision is to serve as a catalyst for empowering individuals, and transcending their circumstances by offering resources and tools. Our aim is to equip them with self-sufficiency while dismantling the barriers of poverty.




Behavior Health&Wellness

Men Empowerment

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