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“It’s clear that teaching character and essential skills in schools has the potential to have a real impact on outcomes for pupils, particularly those from disadvantaged homes.” – Kevan Collins, chief executive Educational Endowment Foundation


P.I.N.K. Program

(Positive, Innovative, New, Knowledgable)

Become A Mentor

The young ladies in PINK will participate in a mentoring program that will empower them to have strong social emotional learning behaviors. They will build character by engaging in a strong curriculum that will equip them to have confidence, mental stability, self esteem, verbal skills, and self-advocacy. 


Gentlemen's Academy 

The young men in the Gentlemen's Academy will also participate in our mentoring program that will give them skills that will last a lifetime.  It is our goal to make sure every male that attend is able to critically think, communicate, be able to self direct all while taking on daily challenges in order to survive. 



  • Homework Club,

  • Reading Intervention

  • Math Mania

Our after-school/summer educational enrichment program serving children from the Greater Charlotte area. The program goal is to provide additional learning opportunities and tutorial services for students in Reading and Math while offering meaningful resources for academic enrichment.

It is our desire to offer development activities such as dance, fitness, STEM related sciences, financial literacy, nutrition, health and wellness, leadership, public speaking, diversity and inclusion, career and technical readiness, drug and violence prevention, and mentorship. We will also reinforce academic goals and targets already in place that will work together with our program, the student’s school and parents.





One on One Academic Support

The Virtual Learning Center has been established to ensure that students of various backgrounds does not encounter a learning gap during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Scholars, K-12 are expected to function online as if they are in a classroom with with a classroom teacher. Unfortunately,  some students are not able to navigate the online portal and access Zoom without assistant from an adult.

The Virtual Academy offers free wifi, a safe environment, assistance from certified teachers, one to one support, and full/half day options. 



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